Well I thought I’d give Wix a go. I really like how easy it is to build a website as I have done it the old fashioned way and the “Wix way”.

So started my site and might go ahead and try to open my own store.

But for now I’m still just using eBay:

Honorable mentions on recent finds is:

Eams Era Lamps
Courage and Honor Puzzle
Fishing Jacket


Second Youtube Video

I thought I would step out of my comfort zone a bit and upload a video of a vintage toy I’m going to list on eBay soon. 

I did one about five years ago of an old computer I found. I’ve never gotten into making youtube videos but thought it would be a good idea to do more videos to get interest in some of our less known product finds.

The video is of an Asian produced 1985(?) 1986(?) mechanical roller skating teddy bear with a cowboy hat on. It’s only 32 seconds but hey it’s a start. Hopefully I’ll be able to include the link to the video in the eBay listing.

For now we just have a few mechanical hawaiian hula dancers available but the skating teddy should be available tomorrow.