Well I thought I’d give Wix a go. I really like how easy it is to build a website as I have done it the old fashioned way and the “Wix way”.

So started my site and might go ahead and try to open my own store.

But for now I’m still just using eBay:

Honorable mentions on recent finds is:

Eams Era Lamps
Courage and Honor Puzzle
Fishing Jacket


The Twilight Zone

As we come to the end of this age I am amazed how strange the world is. I’ve been watching the original Twilight Zone. It’s the only version I like. I can’t believe how imaginative previous generations were compared to the junk that’s on TV and movies today. Today most shows are action packed trying to brainwash the masses with some stupid political position, reusing the same plots over and over.

But it is amazing how these last days are so strange. I feel like we live in an episode of the Twilight Zone. When I was a kid the hippies I was raised by were interested in hunting and fishing and agriculture. Today the even the outdoorsy types treat nature like it’s some sort of field trip away from the city or subdivision while they eat tofu, leaves and twigs.

Survival and mountain man thinking is practically ridiculed by such a generation. But I’ve really enjoyed finding all these old survival type books and listed them on Ebay.
I know they probably won’t sell in this current age and my asking price is a little high (to cover expenses as a small business owner). But if they don’t sell it’ll give me some reading material. A lot of them look pretty interesting.

I’ve been thinking about giving a free useful gift with the next ninety something orders. To clear out some electronic stock that isn’t selling.

Well anyway I better get back to my corner of the Twilight Zone.