Chapter 4

The man and the girl spent a few minutes checking out their home in this tiny city. Like the cabin in the woods this place was also fully stocked with clothes and even food and drinks. The little girl went into the room that was given to her as it was stocked with the modest yet flowing dresses. Some were more common while others were very fancy. Like the dress of the women of this tiny city the collars went comfortably around the neck had long sleeves and went down to the ankles even while sitting. And each dress had it’s very own bloomer pants that also were flowing yet incredibly functional. 

One dress set was exceptionally beautiful. It was flowing and very white. The girl put the dress on and spent some time making her hair style work with the look. When she came out to see her daddy she looked radiant. But had to giggle at her daddy in the formal wear he had on. While there was nothing terribly humorous about his outfit she was giddy from all the excitement of the evening. He too had a long beard but not as long as most of the men in the tiny city who could tuck their beards into their belts.

A knock came from the front door. It was Reuben their guide coming to escort them to the king. The girl rushed to the door and the man followed.

Are you ready? He asked? They both said they were and they followed Reuben to the main street of the city which went straight up to the king’s gate which in turn went straight through the castle straight up to the king’s throne.

Greetings and welcome to my tiny kingdom. Said the king as he stood up. He was a typical fairy tale plump king. He was good and humble a trait that was very rare to the world of the old man and little girl. They were a bit amazed at the tiny king and his humility, joy and friendliness. With all these traits there was even a sense of firmness and even danger.

Well don’t just stand there let’s get going there is a feast waiting in my dining chamber!

He lead them to his dining chamber. It was a large room with a long table I the middle of it and around it were many smaller tables. 

Sit her with me. He said. Right here next to me. They sat down then more people came and sat down filling all the tables.

Tonight is special! Tonight we fill the king’s dining chamber with the people of the tiny because we are honored with special guests! Let us return thanks for all our provisions!

Then they all ambitiously fell to the ground and prostrated themselves.

And the tiny king boomed in a loud voice,

Oh merciful and gracious Heavenly Father we are so grateful for Your provisions of food and guests! Bless those that made this help me to be a worthy king to lead these Your people and bless our guests in their adventures in our world. In Jesus’ name amen.

Let’s eat! So the feasting and merriment lasted several hours until they were all tired and started back to their homes.

Then the king said, we…, I, am truly blessed by your presence this evening! And if you don’t mind I will retire to my bed chambers. You can stay longer if you wish or if you would rather head to bed too you are free in my kingdom.

I think we too shall retire to our home you have so graciously given to us. The old man responded.

Very well I will have Reuben guide you back to your home. The king said. Goodnight dear ones!

The old man and the little girl were amazed at the king. And his true friendly heart so faithful and involved. Nothing about this king was phoney he truly loved people and loved his God. He was a great leader and a great man.