Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was an old man who had a little daughter and almost every day the man gave his daughter a nap. Sometimes she would fuss and carry on about it even though the man would tell her stories. One day both the man and the daughter were very sleepy often the man would decide not to tell a nap story when they were both so tired. This day he thought he would tell a new story but as he told it they both kept dozing off. It wasn’t uncommon for them to both fall asleep in the middle of a sentence. This started to happen when suddenly they were both startled by a noise that woke them both up. It was the sound of a door closing.

In the bedroom they saw a strange door next to the door in and out of the room but this new door seemed to shine. They were both in a stupor from the sleep that filled their blood and without thinking they got up and went into the strange door. What they saw amazed them as they found themselves in the bedroom of a beautiful little log cabin. The little girl ran her fingers on the walls feeling the logs and the bright chinking that helped seal the logs together. There was a window next to the strange door and they both looked out to a beautiful sight. What they saw was lots of green grass that lead up to a very thick tree line that in turn after a ways gave way to sharp rocky cliffs that were part of sharp peaks of mountains. It was daytime out but it wasn’t super bright.

The man and the little girl felt sleep leaving their minds clearer and decided to examine the cabin a little better. Like the shiny door in their house so too the shiny door here was next to the bedroom door in this cabin. The cabin had a basic layout with two bedrooms a hallway a bathroom and a living room kitchen area. The hallway past the bedrooms and bathroom toward the back had a back door and the living room kitchen area had a front door that opened out onto a small porch. The logs were reddish color and the chinking between them was bright and of some sort of strong rubber. There were beautiful windows throughout the house.

Upon further exploration they found out the cabin sat right in the middle of a big grassy field that in turn was surrounded by a very thick forest and sat in a valley running east and west with granite cliffs that were part of mountain peaks that very little grew on. The grassy area must have been roughly a mile in diameter. And the trees to the cliffs must have been another mile. But the valley went on east and west for who knows how far. Toward the east the valley climbed in elevation and to the west it went down. A decent size creek ran through the mysterious forest then through the grassy valley into a small reservoir and away to the west back into the mysterious forest to some unknown destination. The man and the girl stayed at the cabin for some time observing the strange calming feeling of this place. Birds could be heard but not seen yet it was so quiet.

They both realized they were hungry and went back into the kitchen and found something that looked like a pantry and in there found all sorts of meats, breads and cheese. The meats were labeled “buffalo”, “elk”, and “deer”. The cheeses were white and labeled goat, and buffalo. Everything looked more fresh than either the old man or the little girl had ever seen. The old man started the old wood cooking stove and cooked them up the best meal they had ever eaten. They both sat down and ate until they were content and then got up and sat on the porch. It was a wonderful place! They felt so at home and content.

The little girl asked the old man how he thought all this got here and wondered if it was just a wonderful dream. The old man pulled out his pipe and tobacco cleaned it out and started puffing on it before he answered. And said, I’ve been giving all this some thought. It could be just a wonderful dream. Maybe we are both still laying on the bed back at home and I just got so good at telling this story that we are both so caught up in it we don’t realize where we are. Maybe one of us is asleep and it is just a dream. I suppose it would have to be me since I am aware of myself here. Maybe I just got so sick of living in a box in the middle of everyone else living in a box that I created this world for us to escape to. Kind of like when I was a kid, I always could go some place to get away from people.

Well, whatever it is, the little girl said, it is a wonderful place!
Indeed it truly is, he responded. Let us rest a while and we will go explore out there. He pointed with his pipe to the forest in front of the cabin about half a mile away.