The Twilight Zone

As we come to the end of this age I am amazed how strange the world is. I’ve been watching the original Twilight Zone. It’s the only version I like. I can’t believe how imaginative previous generations were compared to the junk that’s on TV and movies today. Today most shows are action packed trying to brainwash the masses with some stupid political position, reusing the same plots over and over.

But it is amazing how these last days are so strange. I feel like we live in an episode of the Twilight Zone. When I was a kid the hippies I was raised by were interested in hunting and fishing and agriculture. Today the even the outdoorsy types treat nature like it’s some sort of field trip away from the city or subdivision while they eat tofu, leaves and twigs.

Survival and mountain man thinking is practically ridiculed by such a generation. But I’ve really enjoyed finding all these old survival type books and listed them on Ebay.
I know they probably won’t sell in this current age and my asking price is a little high (to cover expenses as a small business owner). But if they don’t sell it’ll give me some reading material. A lot of them look pretty interesting.

I’ve been thinking about giving a free useful gift with the next ninety something orders. To clear out some electronic stock that isn’t selling.

Well anyway I better get back to my corner of the Twilight Zone.


Zombie Apocaliss

Since I was a teenager I had an interest in survival activities as my buddy’s dad was a mountain man (a bit of a glamour mountain man but a mountain man none-the-less). Anyway we were very much into primitive survival. As we played around with it we started considering the primitive ways in a modern apocaliss. This was about fifteen years before it became popular with video games like Fallout, and tv shows like The Walking Dead.

Now you’re probably wondering why I am saying apocaliss instead of apocalypse. Well I believe the Revelation (unveiling/apocalypsis) of Jesus Christ started with the Churches as the book (of Revelation) says. So how does one see Jesus today? Through His people. How will the world lovers see Jesus very soon? Kind of like Fallout, etc.

Apocaliss comes from Si Robertson when talking about a Zombie Apocaliss. I think the term is more fitting than the terrible abuse of The Unveiling (apocalypse).

Well I’ve been picking up a lot of survival books I think I’m going to start marketing them as survival and prepper. I might even throw in apocalypse although I hate to but most of my customers wouldn’t get my apocaliss term and wouldn’t be searching for it.

I have some brothers and sisters who are delighted to go into the “zombie apocaliss” but I don’t share their enthusiasm or their doctrines. But hey, if they want a survival book (or even supplies) to ease their thoughts maybe they will buy it from me first.

Second Youtube Video

I thought I would step out of my comfort zone a bit and upload a video of a vintage toy I’m going to list on eBay soon. 

I did one about five years ago of an old computer I found. I’ve never gotten into making youtube videos but thought it would be a good idea to do more videos to get interest in some of our less known product finds.

The video is of an Asian produced 1985(?) 1986(?) mechanical roller skating teddy bear with a cowboy hat on. It’s only 32 seconds but hey it’s a start. Hopefully I’ll be able to include the link to the video in the eBay listing.

For now we just have a few mechanical hawaiian hula dancers available but the skating teddy should be available tomorrow.

Spazoid Blogger is Back

I must confess I have been a bit of a spaz with WordPress. Recently I did a blog on my situation with Thrive ( while also trying to get people interested in it to sign up under me as another source of income. Well I forgot the the login information here on WordPress for that account but was so discouraged from the use of Thrive I didn’t even bother messing with it so I revived this account.

I promised myself I would give Thrive two months to try to lose weight. As I need to lose some weight for health reasons. I am not obsessed with being super healthy like so many in our idolatrous culture of people who are afraid to die (for good reason). It’s a battle they will ultimately lose so it’s better to just get right with God ( In my situation I just don’t want to complicate things unnecessarily with my health.

After using Thrive, at the end of two months, I was a few pounds heavier. I might have experienced some appetite suppression and maybe an almost indiscernible energy increase. The $200+ a month for Thrive is obscene. Thrive might work for someone else but it did nothing for me except leave the feeling of being burned by just another MLM.

Now I’m playing catch up with my finances returning to what I used to do. But things are very tight because of my stupid MLM journey. If you don’t feel sorry for me I understand I don’t either I should have known better. 

But if you aren’t like that feel free to visit my online ebay store and consider buying something:
Anyway I decided to try just an appetite suppressor as I get so hungry and eat more than I need to. I’ve been quite impressed as it is only about $11/mo it’s called: “Cellulcor Super HD helps metabolize fats supports metal focus”. My appetite is definitely curbed and I haven’t been eating more than I need to. I also refuse to eat after 7pm unless I’m truly hungry. I usually don’t get truly hungry unless I’ve eaten a high carb meal or nuts and twigs. I am just not a vegetarian. I would rather die a carnivore than “live” as a vegetarian.

One thing I’ve been really noticing in life lately is how amazing and across the board the following is: “KISS”

Keep It Simple Stupid 

I find things that are really complicated and stressful are not from my God. But those things He wants me to do are blessed of Him and are a blessing to me. The MLM was complicated and expensive and didn’t work. But the KISS is simple and affordable. 

Most importantly the very best thing in life is free and cannot be earned (Ephesians 2:8-10).