Chapter 2

The old man and his little daughter were just starting to feel up to exploring the forest in front of the cabin as he started putting his tobacco pipe away. The little girl always liked the smell of her daddy’s pipe. It was always such a pleasant smell one that would always have a special place in her heart for the rest of her life.

Well let’s get a going! He said.
She squealed for excitement and they started toward the forest in the west. Everything was so special here. The grass was so green the sky was light but not hot. The place felt safe and there was always provision.

You know, the old man said, I have always told you that no matter how wonderful this life is if you were to go be with Jesus it would so far surpass any good thing here you would NEVER want to leave His presence. And the opposite is true. No matter how bad this life is nothing is as bad as being cast out of His presence, having Him say to you, away from me for I never knew you ye that work iniquity!

I know daddy I am so thankful for you in my life to share such great and important things with me!

Well let’s get a move on and see what is in this wonderful place we have found!

The old man never felt so young as he did here. His face shone and delight filled both he and the little girl! After a bit of walking they came to the edge of the grassy area. They were both amazed at how thick this forest really was. They both peered into the forest letting their eyes adjust to the dark thickness of it.

Look over there straight out in front. It’s a path. Let’s go! He said to her.

They pushed their way through brush and fern until they got to the path. It wasn’t as dark in here as it had seemed from the grassy meadow.

I wonder where it goes the little girl said.

Shh… Did you hear that? He asked.

What is it she whispered?


A noise came from down by their feet it was a squeaky little sound. The old man got down on his knees and followed the sound to what looked like a bunch of sugar ants walking around on their hind legs.

What the…? The old man asked himself.

Why it’s little tiny people the size of sugar ants working in that fallen log over there.

WOW! Lookie there! She exclaimed.

A little tiny man was climbing to the highest point of the log to call out to the old man and little girl. They could hear him squeaking at them so they leaned closer trying not to lose their balance and fall on them.

If you go down the path about ten miles… well a little over one mile to you (as he went on to mutter something to himself). You will find a tree with a door in it go into the door and wait there for someone to come get you and you can stay with us tonight and meet the king of the tiny people. The tiny man told them.

The old man stood up and told the little girl what the tiny man told him.

That sounds exciting let’s go right away! She said.

Okay, okay hold your horses. He responded. I’m not as young as you are.

Well it seems to me you are! She said. I think you have forgotten you have become quite spry since we came here.

Indeed, and you seem to be a bit older in your understanding. He chuckled.

So they set out to find the tree with the door on it. The forest was exciting. A lot of animals were visible and watching them pass through their stomping grounds. After walking a little over a mile they found it. Sure enough a tree with a door in it! The door was similar to the one they experienced back at the cabin and back in their room at home.

The old man and little girl opened the door and went in. The tree seemed to be hollow but felt alive. A light was shining from the age rings in the tree which was visible above and below. Another door was on the back of the tree which they also went through. But now it was huge!

I think we are now tiny. The old man said. Let’s just go back into the tree and see if we can reverse this.

So they did and when they came out the door they were big again. They then did it again to become tiny again.

That’s really neat! The little girl exclaimed. When we are inside the tree the doors are the same size but when we are on the outside there is the regular size door and on the backside of the tree a tiny door. She observed.

What is that sound? The man asked.

Just then what sounded like birds landed all around them. Even dirt blew around but nothing could be seen. Suddenly a voice spoke to them out of thin air, greetings from the tiny king! We are here to get you and take you to his throne.

The man asked, who are you and where are you?

Hold on I’m hung up on a harness here.

Suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere. I am Reuben of the tiny kingdom. I know you have a lot of questions which will be answered in time. But for now let me just show you something.

The man put his hand on something and lifted something. Then something became visible. It looked like the skin of a chicken.

The man explained, these are called the invisible sparrows. Their feathers disperse light around their bodies making them invisible in normal light. We have technology that helps us see their body heat that is how we trap them and tame them. We climb up their legs into their feathers and they fly us where we want to go. There is one right behind you, reach your hand out and feel for it.

Sure enough the man and the little girl did as instructed and found the feathers and lifted them to see the bird’s skin.

Now climb up the feather shafts and get on his back then we will take off. He instructed further.

So they did that too then the birds took off.


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